Double the Donation!

We had a great start on #GivingTuesday for our DOUBLE THE DONATION campaign.

How close are we to reach our goal?

Just within the last week we received donations from very generous donors and have now reached $6,300! Yeah, and THANKS to all our thoughtful friends.

We have overlaid one of Maggie’s paintings with 300 blank squares, each representing $100, and today we are “unveiling” 63 of them.

Curious about her painting? There is still enough time to make a contribution on our web site and for us to reach our goal of $30,000.



Maggie would be very excited about this challenge. Her career arc that included lawyer, teacher and researcher is marked by her compassion to advocate for others, a challenge she gladly took on. Maggie studied sign language to help hearing impaired clients have better access to legal representation and she took CLE courses in disability law to become knowledgeable about the rights and protections available to people with disabilities.

Thank you Maggie and THANK YOU for joining us in our campaign and to making it possible for Maggie’s friends at The BridgeLine to experience compassion of others.