The BridgeLine

Welcome to The Bridge Line

Our Mission
The Bridge Line enriches the lives of adults with brain injuries by fostering independence through individualized day and residential services.

Our Vision
Our community welcomes persons with brain injuries and supports them in reaching their full potential.

Core Values
Compassion - We coach and support with care.

Dignity - We respect and nurture independence.

Community - We are a welcoming and inclusive community.

  • The Need It can happen to anyone and out of nowhere: an out-of-control car, a slippery sidewalk, an accident on the playing field. It takes but an instant for a persona’s whole world to be turned inside out by brain injury. Continue Reading
  • Residential Program The residential program is a long-term voluntary community for adults with brain injuries. The staff believes that survivor’s lives don’t have to be static. The primary purpose and activities are the fostering of a family-like setting for daily life wherein adults with brain injuries can live to the greatest degree possible as independent members of the general community. Because of the family-style arrangement, the needs for support that are unique to each resident can be addressed. How it works
  • Clubhouse Program BridgeLine Place is a community-based vocational program utilizing the Clubhouse model. BridgeLine Place provides the opportunity to its members to learn valuable work and social skills to achieve vocational and/or independent living goals. More
  • Case Management Our Case Managers provide guidance, education, and empowerment. They can link you with community resources, set up services for you, and act as a liaison with other providers. Learn More

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