Making Blankets for Trauma Patients at UVa!

The Bridger’s helped to make 30 tie blankets to put into “comfort bags” for trauma patients at UVa!

It was a great opportunity to be able to help and give back. We hope these blankets bring comfort and smiles to those who receive them. Thank you Patty for arranging this!

Comedy Night 2017 with Bob Somerby!

Our show’s first performer was Bob Somerby who shares our belief in the power of humor. He comes by it honestly: Bob’s grandfather Rufus was a traveling entertainer and storyteller and his father Al owned the legendary Old Howard Theater in Boston. In addition to working as a comedian for over twenty five years Bob owned his own comedy club in Baltimore for 6 years and created a one man show Material World from which he presented routines at our Comedy Night including the piece ‘Blue Corn Flakes’ we’re posting.

Interested readers click here to the Washington Post’s review of Bob’s one man show Material World.


THANK YOU Brett Leake!

THANK YOU to Brett Leake, motivational speaker and comedian, and wonderful supporter of The BridgeLine for his contribution.

Brett is thrilled to provide support for the appearance of two of his all time favorite comedians — Bob Somerby and Jeff Caldwell.