Over 20 Years at The BridgeLine Place Clubhouse! Barbie Shares Why the Clubhouse Has Been so Beneficial for Her.

Written by BridgeLine Volunteer, Kaymin Hester

It is no secret that The BridgeLine’s many programs have done a world of good for dozens of adults with brain injuries. However, I had the special opportunity to speak with one of the Clubhouse’s long-time participants, Barbie York. Barbie has been part of the Clubhouse program since 2004 and hearing her experience was an incredible opportunity to dive deeper into the true benefits of The BridgeLine. 

The primary aspect that Barbie emphasized was the sense of connection the Clubhouse provides. She spoke about the pervading sense of isolation that became apparent through her recovery from her injury and how the Clubhouse assisted in eliminating this isolation. In fact, many of her friends today are from the Clubhouse and she expressed her satisfaction with the opportunity to interact with a multitude of people whose experiences are both similar to and different from hers. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has halted many programs, both in our community and beyond it, but The BridgeLine has persevered. Barbie spoke about how impactful the program continues to be, even through its virtual format. She applauded the opportunities to get involved that persisted through the transition to virtual Clubhouse meetings and again spoke enthusiastically about the way The BridgeLine allows her to interact with people who understand what it’s like to navigate a brain injury. 

Barbie enjoys reading, music, television, and her daily walk around the UVA campus. When asked about what she’d learned from her experience as an adult with a brain injury, she said that it’s important to think about your actions and prepare in advance for any steps you take. Barbie puts this advice into use every day and she thanks The BridgeLine for being so helpful in supporting her. 

The BridgeLine features programs dedicated to assisting adults in every stage of rehabilitation, offering both practical and emotional support. Barbie is proof of the benefits of taking advantage of The Bridgeline’s opportunities for encouragement, assistance, and above all, connection. However, this couldn’t be possible without the generous support of The Bridgeline’s donors. All the volunteers, staff, members, and residents are so grateful to be allowed to continue making such a strong impact on our community.

2021 Special Needs Financial Planning Workshops

This information is rarely found in one place. We pride ourselves on being able to connect people and families with special needs to resources that can help them navigate the challenges presented by brain injury. Below are two sets of presentations on how to financially plan for a loved one with special needs. Each topic has multiple dates each with a separate registration link. All of the information sessions are FREE!

ABLE vs Special Needs Trusts: An In-Depth Discussion

How to Develop a Life Plan for Your Child with Disabilities

These workshops are brought to you by financial advisor with North Western Mutual, Kacy Seitz.

Kacy Seitz, CLTC, ChSNC
Financial Advisor & Special Needs Planning Specialist
5251 W 116th Place, Suite 300, Leawood, KS 66211
P: 913.748.0660
F: 913.362.1215
W: kacyseitz.nm.com
CA: LIC0K51616

Ken Burns & Lynn Novick have a new documentary about Ernest Hemmingway, it includes his struggles with TBI.

Here is a great read about an icon that himself struggled with Traumatic Brain Injury https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/02/arts/television/review-hemingway-ken-burns.html?referringSource=articleShare

Here is the link to a great opinion piece on why the American public is still so interested in Hemingway: https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/13/opinions/ernest-hemingway-pbs-documentary-seymour/index.html

Check out the trailer for the PBS documentary:

Camp Bruce McCoy is coming Up! Apply by April 1st!

The Brain Injury Association of Virginia (BIAV) is hosting their 38th year of Camping at Camp Bruce McCoy! This year’s camp will have 4 different 1-day sessions in different locations around the state.
Applications are due by April 1st, and registration is $150 but there is financial aid so please don’t let the price deter you!
Everything you need to know to apply is here: https://www.biav.net/camp-2021/. For assistance with the application contact our Case Management Program.

Happy Camping!

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It’s Brain Injury Awareness Month!

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month! We’d like to start by sharing these stats with you, but our main goal this month is to tell the stories of adults with brain injuries, we’ll share how people are #morethantheirbraininjury.
5.3 million Americans have a disability due to a brain injury—that’s 2% of the population and likely includes someone you know.

If you’d like to get in on the movement to raise awareness you can check out the resources of the #MoreThanMyBrainInjury movement below. If you’d like help creating posts to share please let us know!

Brain Injury Awareness campaign resources by the Brain Injury Association of America


The BridgeLine Presenting at Chamber of Commerce’s Aging In Place Business Network, January 8th

The BridgeLine’s Executive Director, Daniela Pretzer, is speaking on Friday, January 8th, 9-10 am at the Chamber of Commerce’s “Aging in Place” Business Network meeting.

Sign up https://bit.ly/38cRUOW to attend the networking meeting yourself and learn more about The BridgeLine and our services and do a bit of networking. ?

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